Children and teens

MRC (2013)Survey on subtance use, risk behaviour and mental health among Grade 8-10 learners in schools in the Western Cape Province, 2011

In 2010/2011 the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC) in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Southern Africa tasked the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Unit at the South African Medical Research Council with conducting a survey in order to determine the regional prevalence of drug and alcohol use, risk behaviours and mental health problems among school learners in grades 8-10.

UNICEF (2011)The State of the World's Children 2011: Adolescence: An age of opportunity.

"Adolescence is an age of opportunity for children, and a pivotal time for us to build on their development in the first decade of life, to help them navigate risks and vulnerabilities, and to set them on the path to fulfilling their potential."

This report focuses on the development and rights of more than a billion children aged 10 to 19 worldwide. This series of stories, essays and multimedia features seeks to accelerate and elevate adolescents' fight against poverty, inequality and gender discrimination.


WHO (2009)HIV and infant feeding.

Principles and recommendations on infant feeding.


UNICEF (2009) South Africa Annual Report

A compact overview of the state of South Africa's children and UNICEF's efforts at alleviating the crises they face.


UNICEF (2009) Children and AIDS

A recent overview of HIV infection in children.

IPPF/UNFPA/YOUNG POSITIVES Change, Choice and Power: Young women, livelihoods and HIV prevention Literature review and case study analysis.

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