November 2012


2-8 November 2012—HIV News Update.


  • Sowetan runs unethical ad: The Sowetan seems to have forgotten that as a widely read publication it has an ethical responsibility to feature correct and accurate HIV information—even when it comes to advertisements.
  • Daily Sun misrepresents HIV as "the deadly disease": The Daily Sun’s sensationalist language undermines a positive message.
  • Ads over info: While The Times prioritised an HIV home testing story, the Sowetan’s poor presentation of the same story belies its readers’ news interests.
  • Struggling to connect: Alcohol & HIV: An article reporting on the results of the 2012 Tsantsabane Youth Survey, addresses both HIV and alcohol abuse but never draws a connection between the two.

In the news:

  • They just want to be boys! (Daily Sun)
  • Crisis calls for Bill's swift passage (M&G)
  • Strike makes clinics bleed (The Times)
  • Brain invasion (M&G)
  • Intervention where it is needed most (M&G)
  • South Africans live in drug mule hell (TNA)
  • Online revenge (The Sunday Times)
  • Funding crisis affects angels (The Times)
  • Sharpen your 4-5-so you can stay healthy and ALIVE! (Daily Sun)
  • Walk against AIDS focuses on E Cape (Sowetan)
  • Women of substance! (Daily Sun)
  • Shocking conditions at Bernice Samuel hospital (Sowetan)
  • All is not lost for SA (Move!)
  • HIV Update: Multivitamins (DRUM)
  • DA question exposes police as liars (The Star)
  • Tweeling youth centre is 'unique in many ways' (TNA)
  • Don't pass the buck (Sowetan)

9-15 November 2012—HIV News Update


  • Teen sexuality a dirty word: This week’s coverage relating to teenage sex reflects South African society’s reluctance to take a sex-positive approach to adolescent sexuality, particularly when it comes to HIV-positive teens.
  • Fact and friction: Getting facts right is essential: A desperate lack of basic HIV knowledge is still an issue, even among journalists reporting on HIV-related news stories.
  • "Only prostitutes carry condoms"-What the Sunday Sun survey reveals: A front page piece in the Sunday Sun’s Sunlife section took the question “Who should carry the condom?” to the street and social media, not only normalising condom use but also showing us where we stand when it comes to women’s ability to negotiate protection.
  • Tabloid can turn tide: Media advocacy and citizen journalism come together in the Daily Sun to drive positive change.

In the news:

  • Porn stars may have to use condoms (The New Age)
  • Misinformation on Tara Klamp (Sowetan)
  • SA centre honoured for childhood TB research (The Star)
  • A total ban on alcohol advertising (M&G)
  • Biomedical TB research (M&G)
  • Church forces Malwai into corner over gays (The Times)
  • Academy to train health managers (The Star)
  • How a blood test can save you money (City Press)
  • Housewife's pain over sex pics (Sunday Times)
  • Science makes headway in Africa (City Press)
  • Strive the beloved country (City Press)
  • Obama re-election: Africa waits for positive signal (TNA)
  • Health dept, chiefs 'should team up for circumcision (TNA)
  • Sports dept take on HIV and poverty (TNA)

16-22 November 2012—HIV News Update


  • Sowetan doesn't shake-up sugar daddies: Sowetan’s uncritical coverage of the launch of a new dating website, which will help sugar daddies and “sugar babies” meet forgets that intergenerational sex has been identified as one of the drivers of South Africa’s HIV epidemic.
  • ARV artcile a bit hard to swallow: HIV-related information can be complex, which is why the media need to present it in a digestible way.
  • DRUM tells it like it is: A story of an HIV-positive woman’s journey from denial and illness, through stigma and depression, to acceptance and treatment drives home how dangerous denial can be and underscores how ART saves lives.

In the news:

  • Laws may allow abortion, but it's much harder to change attitudes (M&G)
  • Injecting reality into immunisation (M&G)
  • Sexual abuse at schools 'a pandemic' (M&G)
  • 'Aids cuts culd lead to Aids deaths'-Bono (The Times)
  • Good soup from bush kitchen (Daily Sun)
  • Meet our Health Minister (Daily Sun)
  • US celebs lap up SA bracelets (Sunday Times)
  • Forward for our health (Daily Sun)
  • Koyo: New chapter begins! (Daily Sun)
  • Make a difference as an HIV/Aids counsellor (The Star)
  • UN lauds SA for HIV fight (The Times & The Star)
  • Aids threat recedes as internal spending exceeds foreign help
  • Gay is living positively (Daily Sun)
  • Nutrition aids ARVs (Sowetan)
  • 17 pupils pregnant in one school (Sowetan)
  • Victim identifies alleged axe killer (The Star)
  • Cipla to bid for SA affliate (TNA)
  • SA leads the world in preventing TB (The Times)
  • Aids turnaround transforms hospice (The Star)
  • Counting down to the Farlam report (TNA)
  • HIV Update: Adherence (DRUM)


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