January 2013


18 - 24 January—HIV News Update.


  • The Star gets to the heart of Lebese's story: Soccer star’s untimely death from an AIDS-related illness is finally covered in a way that reinforces messages around the availability and efficacy of HIV treatment.
  • Move's selective discussion neglects HIV risk: A Move! magazine article which offers advice to young women who had unprotected sex over the festive season, falls short of adequately covering HIV.

In the news:

  • Money can't buy a clean bill of health (M&G)
  • HIV care hit by hospital closure (Sunday Times)
  • Preventing prison TB is put first (Daily Sun)
  • Reviving jobs, growth and role of women tops agenda for global elite in Davos (TNA)
  • No end to teens' love terror (The Times)
  • I'm now like a zombie (Sowetan)
  • Falling AIDS mortality shofts focus to disability insurance (The Star)
  • Don't trivialise women abuse, fight at every level (TNA)
  • HIV Update: FDCs (DRUM)
  • ready for season two!
  • NGOs dealt a fatal blow (The Times)

28 January - 3 February—HIV News Update.


  • Media misses the bottom line: Sowetan’s lack of context underemphasises a landmark decision by the SANBS  to ditch the anal sex question.
  • Drawing the line between reporting and journnalism: The difference between reporting and journalism: The New Age and City Press both cover an SAPS statement proposing to charge HIV positive rapists for attempted murder, but one does it better.
  • HIV in its Sunday best: A Move! magazine article breaches the debate on the church’s role in the context of HIV.
  • PEP still off the media menu: DRUM magazine passes up on a golden opportunity to provide readers with vital practical information on sexual assault and HIV.

In the news:

  • Silent killer lurks on miners' lungs (M&G)
  • Birth a measure of progress (M&G)
  • Disease stalks SA miners (The Times)
  • Class action for Silicosis payment (M&G)
  • Orphanage gets food project going (TNA)
  • Rabie ruling supports kids (TNA)
  • McCord needs the kiss of life (TNA)
  • Lives in danger after breakdown at delivery depot (The Star)
  • HIV Update: Bedaquilline  (DRUM)
  • Farmworkers reap a grim harvest  (M&G)
  • Closets are for clothes  (City Press)
  • The yoke of shame  (City Press


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