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Mzansi abortion shock!

Mzansi abortion shock!

Fourteen years ago, it was almost impossible for a woman to get a legal abortion in Mzansi. But since 1997 a woman could have an abortion simply if she didn't want the baby.
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Editorial: Engaging your audience

Editorial: Engaging your audience

Our journAIDS blogs often take issue with the fact that a great deal of HIV journalism is not as sophisticated as it could be. A great many articles merely provide a run-down of who said what, leaving out critical context and failing to corroborate information, add facts or localise cases.

That said, there is a clear limitation to the degree of complexity that can reasonably be added to an article. Leave out critical context and you disempower your reader. But add too much information (particularly multiple statistics and unintelligible jargon) and your intellectualisation has left your readers alienated.

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EDITORIAL: Being HIV-savvy is essential, and now also easy

How the media handled the announcement that Thabang Lebese died of AIDS-related complications this week is telling of the lack of basic HIV-knowledge among some reporters.
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EDITORIAL: A different story - narratives for change

Despite steady media coverage of HIV-related issues, it appears the message has not quite hit home. Particularly, middle-to-upper class South Africans still feel largely unaffected by HIV – if The Times report on their reluctance to partake in the HSRC’s latest HIV survey is anything to go by.
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EDITORIAL: We take note of challenges in HIV reporting

EDITORIAL: We take note of challenges in HIV reporting

A number of articles we reviewed this week displayed some very basic errors in HIV-terminology. As most journalists rarely engage with HIV-related news in great depth, this is neither unsurprising nor unusual.
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