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Mzansi women are google stars

This has been an exciting and rough year for entertainment and other celebs in Mzansi!
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EDITORIAL: Being HIV-savvy is essential, and now also easy

How the media handled the announcement that Thabang Lebese died of AIDS-related complications this week is telling of the lack of basic HIV-knowledge among some reporters.
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Striking a balance: Normalisation vs trivialisation of HIV

Given the advances in treatment and the proliferation of stories on ‘positive role models,’ the media should be aware of the delicate balance between addressing stigma that people living with HIV often experience and trivialising HIV as a condition.

Another ‘living positively’ story was born last week when former Isidingo actress, Lesego Motsepe, chose World AIDS Day to make public that she has been living with HIV for over a decade.

In a context where HIV is now a manageable albeit chronic condition, personal good news stories around positive heroes often feature in the media.

And while these vignettes do have the potential to address stigma through normalising HIV (especially when they are backed by serious star-power, as is the case with Koyo Bala, Criselda Kananda and of course Motsepe herself), the media should ensure that that these personal stories are covered in such a way that they do not give people the impression that living with HIV is easy.

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