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HIV UPDATE - ARV treatment for children

Babies on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment may be able to take breaks from ARVs without compromising their health, a new study by the universities of Stellenbosch and Witwatersrand reveals.

About 377 HIV-positive infants were placed on ARVs and then stopped at either 10 months or two years.

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HIV UPDATE: ARV stock-outs

Good news for HIV-positive public health patients: medicine stock-outs may soon be a thing of the past.

The Health Department is negotiating with private pharmacies to allow them to cater to public health patients' needs.

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Breaking taboos

Controversial and groundbreaking are some of the terms that have become synonymous with drama series After Nine.From the minute the edutainment programme was broadcast in May 2007, it hit a nerve with viewers.

The storyline explored the often veiled lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, thrusting an otherwise shadowed community into the spotlight.

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HIV UPDATE - Stem-cell cure

US doctors have taken two HIV-positive cancer patients off their anti-retroviral drugs a month after declaring the pair HIV free.

Known as the "Boston patients", the two are HIV free four years after having their immune systems severely weakened and then undergoing bone-marrow transplants and are reportedly "feeling great".

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Candy’s new tune

Her voice cracks with emotion as she struggles to hold back the tears. She tries to regain her composure and begins again. "It's a hard thing to talk about, even after two years," Candy Mokoena (43) tells us.

Candy's son, Phethule, was killed in a care accident in August 2011 when he was 24 years old. "I remember it very well. I was supposed to have a signing meeting with my record company, Sony, that day," says Candy in her distinct, gravelly voice. "I had switched off my phone, something I will never do again. When I switched it on again, i found dozens of missed calls."

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HIV UPDATE - Stem-cell cure

Two HIV-positive men who both developed lymphoma are now HIV-free after receiving stem-cell therapy for their cancer, an International Aids Society conference in Kuala Lumpu recently heard.
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HIV UPDATE - WHO approval of PrePex

The World Health organisation (WHO) has pre-approved a new circumcision device. Studies from three African countries show that the device, named PrePex, is safe and effective for use by both doctors and nurses.
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Reforming sex workers

A chilly breeze sweeps through the streets of Johannesburg as the sun sets and darkness descends over the city. But this doesn't deter the women at the New Life Centre in Hillbrow, Joburg, as they prepare to patrol some of the most dangerous streets in the city.
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At the mercy of HIV and cancer

A mattress is spread across an earthen floor that's coated with a thick layer of cow dung. A tall, skeletal body is sandwiched between bundles of thick blue blankets. She gently tilts her head towards the open door, welcoming us into the family home.
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HIV UPDATE - anti-HIV gel

An anti-HIV gel developed for vaginal use has been found safe to use by HIV-negative men and women, who used it rectally, according to fresh findings published in medical journal Plos One.
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