The AIDS Rebel (May 2003)

"Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha Power examines South Africa's most prominent AIDS activist in this article originally published in The New Yorker in May 2003."

The AIDS Rebel. The New Yorker.


Witness to AIDS (2005)

"In Witness to AIDS - part memoir, part compelling analysis— Supreme Court of Appeal Justice Edwin Cameron grapples with the meaning of HIV/AIDS: for him as he confronts the possibility of lingering death, for all of us in facing up to one of the foremost challenges of our time.

In this intensely personal account of survival, Cameron melds elements of his destitute childhood with his daily duties as one of South Africa's most distinguished judges, while focusing always on the epidemic's central issues— stigma, unjust discrimination, and, most vitally, the life-and-death question of access to treatment.

Cameron's moving memoir of his own survival in an epidemic that has cost millions of lives is insightful and uplifting, sobering and ultimately hopeful."

Sample Chapter: Chapter 2. Just a virus, just a disease.


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