Feature Series

The Agony of Africa (November-December 1999)

In 1999, Mark Schoofs wrote an 8-part series on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa for the Village Voice. The series won a Pulitzer prize for international reporting. Also read an interview with Schoofs by Henk Rossouw.

Part 1: The Virus Creates a Generation of Orphans

Part 2: A Tale of Two Brothers

Part 3: Africa Responds: Bereft of medicine and money, traditional cultures mobilize in a new way.

Part 4: The Virus the past and the future

Part 5: Death and the second sex

Part 6: Ending the epidemic

Part 7: Building a Movement on the Ruins of Apartheid; South Africa Acts Up

Part 8: Treating AIDS Without Money - Use What You Have


A Fall of Sparrows (2003)

A Fall of Sparrows, written by Nalisha Kalideen and published in The Star, is a three-part series on the lives of two women living in a hospice.

It won aMondi Newspaper Award for Feature Writing in 2003. Also see Research and Events for research on this piece.

A Fall of Sparrows (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)


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