About the research

About the research

This resource draws on media research conducted by the Children’s Institute and the Centre for Social Science Research (both at the University of Cape Town), the Media Monitoring Project and the HIV/AIDS and the Media Project, managed by the Journalism Programme and the Perinatal HIV Research Unit (at the University of the Witwatersrand). For more detailed analysis, copies of related research publications are available from the Children’s Institute, the Media Monitoring Project, and the HIV/AIDS and the Media Project (see Section 5 of this report for contact details).

This resource was compiled by the Children's Institute, the Centre for Social Science Research, the Media Monitoring Project, and the HIV/AIDS and the Media Project. Written by William Bird, Rachel Bray, Gemma Harries, Helen Meintjes, Jo Monson and Natalie Ridgard. © 2005 MMP, CI, CSSR, Wits

The information in this booklet can be used, shared, and reproduced with the full acknowledgement of the authors.



Thank you to all those who commented on this resource during its development:
  • Alan Finlay— Open Research
  • Andrew Boulle— Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Unit, University of Cape Town
  • Caroline Hooper-Box— Sunday Independent
  • Helen Struthers— Perinatal HIV Research Unit
  • James Nuttall— Red Cross Hospital
  • Jo Stein— Lung Institute, University of Cape Town
  • Nicola Spurr— Independent researcher
  • Shireen Usdin— Soul City
  • Sonja Giese— Children's Institute
  • Sue Goldstein— Soul Buddyz
  • Sue Valentine— Open Society Foundation
This project was funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation.
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The project is jointly managed by the Anova Health Institute and the Journalism and Media Studies Programme at the University of the Witwatersrand, and supported by the Health Communication Partnership based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Centre for Communication Programmes and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief through the United States Agency for International Development under terms of Award No. JH/HESA-02-05.