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Pupils reveal lack of sex education

"How many times can I use a condom before it no longer works?"

"Can I fall pregnant the first time I have sex?"

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One condom with each beer!

DAILY SUNTV has been on top form this month... Our crew and reporters have been working hard to make sure they bring you the best stories from around SunLand!
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Action against teen pregnancy

The provincial education authorities are on a mission to eliminate the prevalence of pregnancies among pupils across the province and an amount of R18m has been set aside to intensify the drive meant to educate and discourage teenage pregnancy.
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Interpreting Aids impact

From April 25 to April 27, the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) will be staging the thought-provoking I Think It's Hamlet at the UJ Arts Centre.
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Portrait of pope made of condoms

The completion of a new portrait of Benedict XVI in the week the pope said he was stepping down by US artist Niki Johnson shows the former head of the Catholic Church with his hands clasped.
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Live condoms for township

Umlazi in Durban will be the target of a major campaign to distribute condoms as part of activities in the run-up to Condom Day tomorrow.
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Closets are for clothes

The lead actor has just spectacularly lost his footing and fallen into the pool as we arrive at the Intersexions shoot. There are hoots and cheers.
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Ready for season two!

Prepare to be entertained and educated because the provocative drama series Intersexions is making its way back onto your television screens this February.
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No end to teens’ love terror

When two sets of 14-year-old "made love" for the first time last year, their biggest fear was being caught by their parents, not the police.
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She had sex with both of them!

These days theatres in many townships are empty. In an effort to revive theatre ekasi, talented artists have put together a new musical Zanele was first shown at the Bona Hall in Evaton in the Vaal, south of Joburg.
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