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‘Chiskop cut a risk of HIV infection’

Men who prefer clean-shaven heads, or "chiskop" are encouraged to use their own hair clippers at salons.

This was revealed in a study conducted by Professor Nonhlanhla Khumalo, head of dermatology at the University of Cape Town.

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Uproar over ‘Holy water’ HIV cure

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)is planning marches and taking legal action against a Durban-based pastor who claims that his "holy" water can cure HIV and Aids.

Bishop Hamilton Nala has been slammed by government health officials, Aids activists and even religious communities when it emerged that he was selling bottled water for between R10 and R15, which he claims can cure various ailments, including HIV and Aids.

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Faithfully waiting for their jailed men’s return

Can a marriage survive a lengthy prison sentence? What keeps a wife faithful to a husband who is doing time in prison?

Two women - who asked to remain anonymous because they have underage children - share their stories with Sowetan on why they are patiently waiting for their men to return home.

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ARV theft puts patients in danger

Medical experts have warned of the dangers behind HIV-Aids patients skipping their ARV treatments. This after two health officials were arrested for stealing ARV drugs at the Esselen Street Clinic in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, last Wednesday.
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How ARV drug gang was arrested

An illicit syndicate selling ARV medication has been uncovered at the Esselen Street Clinic in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

Yesterday, after six months of investigation, police arrested two health officials who were caught during a sting operation by intelligence agents.

HIV/Aids patients were tricked by clinic employees into thinking that there was no medication available. Then the officials would claim to have a reserve supply that they would sell at prices ranging from R50 to R100.

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Bail denied for ‘kota rapist’ security guard

The man accused of raping young girls and swearing them to silence with gifts of kota was denied bail by the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court yesterday.

The man is reportedly a security guard at a local school. He is facing three counts of rape for allegedly raping the girls - aged eight, nine and 10 - in his shack in Katlehong on the East Rand.

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Girl (8) asks boys for sex

The mother of an eight-year-old girl is distraught that her daughter now regularly invites boys to have sex with her since being raped by a man in the neighbourhood.

The man accused of raping the girl and other children is expected to apply for bail in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court today.

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Fake drugs bust

Columbia - Police from across southern Africa led by Interpol have dealt a crippling blow to fake medicine manufacturing syndicates, seizing 100 tons of counterfeit drugs and arresting 180 suspects in the past week.

The operation, which is also being conducted in South Africa, is part of an international policing drive to eradicate fake medicines.

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South Africa’s story is a really positive one

"Until lions write their story, their history will always be told by hunters."

These words ring true today against the backdrop of negative voices that wish to revise the progress the ANC has made thus far. South Africa is today a far better country than at any other time in history.

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Untempered report perpetuates outdated idea

An untempered report in the Sowetan (30 September 2013) on the lack of land for graves in KwaZulu-Natal could perpetuate the outdated idea that HIV is a death sentence.

This week an article in the Sowetan reported that KwaZulu-Natal province is rapidly running out of land to use for graves.

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