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Faithfully waiting for their jailed men’s return

Can a marriage survive a lengthy prison sentence? What keeps a wife faithful to a husband who is doing time in prison?

Two women - who asked to remain anonymous because they have underage children - share their stories with Sowetan on why they are patiently waiting for their men to return home.

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Mike Frey ignorant of Aids

A minnesota resident speaking before the US House Civil Law Committee offered a shockingly inaccurate testimony in an attempt to thwart the approval of same-sex marriage in the state, writes
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Man in a million

Men are often labelled as cruel, heartless abusers and rapists. I have good reason to disagree with that generalisation. Read on and you'll understand...
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‘Let churches speak openly about sex’

He's been dubbed the 'X-rated pastor' and 'a Satanist' because of the explicit manner in which he preaches about sex, but pastor Agrippa Khathide is unfazed.
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Sies, Sowetan for failing to address safe sex angle

The Sowetan’s borderline-pornographic coverage of police officers bonking (in their words) certainly has, as the editor predicted, got the nation talking.

But forget drawing any real attention to police negligence or failures of the system, the gratuitous material got tongues wagging about one thing more than any other - sex.

And this is not necessarily a bad thing. In the context of our HIV epidemic, it is about time we have a public and open debate about sex and particularly about risky sex.

But this is not it.

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