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Jailed for spreading HIV!

In a landmark ruling, a court found a 44-year-old man guilty of attempted murder after he knowingly spread HIV.

Nzimane Tshabalala was sentenced to eight years in jail by the Vanderbijlpark Magistrates Court last week.

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‘Use condoms children’

First lady Nompumeleloma Ntuli Zuma has called on young people to support the fight against the HIV-Aids pandemic and teenage pregnancy in the province by staying away from unprotected sexual activity.

Ma Ntuli-Zuma, as she's affectionately known, made the call during an HIV-Aids awareness campaign in Piet Retief this week, to the residents of the Gert Sibande district.

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3 365 School girls pregnant

An alarming 1 565 young girls have fallen pregnant in Mpumalanga in the first quarter of this school year.
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Condoms: more than just a colorful, convenient story

The Daily Sun recently reported on the South African Breweries’ (SAB) programme to deliver to local taverns not only their signature alcoholic products but also government-issue condoms – an effort to promote safe sex practices and address the spread of HIV.

The article does well to draw attention to an important HIV awareness and prevention effort at a deeper community level. However, the piece – with a headline of “One Beer One Condom!” – seemed more interested in the novelty of the idea than in reporting the facts and providing a more comprehensive picture of the significance of this initiative.

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HIV UPDATE - Cheating couples

Heterosexual couples who live together and have affairs outside of their relationship are one of the main drivers of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, according to new research.
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I will sell my body for food!

Nelson Mandela Bay municipality has about 30% HIV infection rate, which is higher than any other district in the province.Many people in the Eastern Cape survive on social grants. Sassa pays put R1,2 billion every month in grants.
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Women urged to say no to unsafe sex

Programme manager on communicable diseases in the province's department of health says many women still suffer from STIs and not because they do not know that it can happen to them, but because women are not in a position to negotiate for safe sex in relationships.
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Sweat confident of change

The Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat) yesterday said it was confident the ANC would promulgate legislation to decriminalise prostitution, after the governing party's policy conference held in Midrand last week.
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Sex on another level

Your relationship is good and you love each other - but you want variety. Perhaps an open relationship is the solution, says Collin Grey, a relationship expert. Grey, says open relationships are becoming popular in South Africa. You find them in universities, offices and "God help us", in churches too.
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HIV campaign kicks off at university

"You could be the cause of someone's death so get yourself tested for HIV." This was the urgent message from Tender Mavundla (30), an HIV-positive ambassador for the First Things First HIV counselling and testing campaign.
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