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Students in the fast lane…

Almost half of South Africa's higher education students are engaging in sexual activities with more than one partner; about 18 percent admit to changing partners in one month; and about 35 percent say they did not know who they slept with in the past month.
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Women, don’t put up with it

A friend told me to watch Intersexions on SABC1 this week. The programme was about a married couple.
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I infected you with the virus

A Soweto man, whose ex-girlfriend confessed to having deliberately infected him with HIV, cannot seek justice as he was prevented from opening a case.
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Sex, lies and cheating

There are some arguments that women will seemingly never win. Men can wear their pants low - showing of their underwear or worse, a plumber's crack - and get away with it. Yet when a woman in low-cut jeans bends over, any visible underwear is seen as repulsive.
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HIV UPDATE - Cheating couples

Heterosexual couples who live together and have affairs outside of their relationship are one of the main drivers of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, according to new research.
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A shared destiny

When news of a second season of the acclaimed local drama series Intersexions was announced, viewers and critics alike were filled with anticipation as to what fresh creative delights the sophomore season would offer.
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Males bring infection home

Heterosexual couples in long-term relationships who have sexual encounters outside their established partnership (extra-couple relationships) are one of the main drivers of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, according to new research published in The Lancet journal.
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Sex on another level

Your relationship is good and you love each other - but you want variety. Perhaps an open relationship is the solution, says Collin Grey, a relationship expert. Grey, says open relationships are becoming popular in South Africa. You find them in universities, offices and "God help us", in churches too.
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IN THE NEWS: Shuga’s sweet success

No city reveals its charm in the trip from the airport, but the driving is usually a sign of its character. Approaching a traffic circle, the drivers of Niarobi lean over their steering wheels with great alertness and move slowly into the first gap.
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IN THE NEWS: Saftas, from sex to soaps

Another year,, another perplexing selection of Safta nominees...While I fully comprehend that it is a laborious process, as has been outlined by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) in the past - I struggle to find it reflective of an industry as a whole. especially when certain channels go largely ingored. A case in point would be Mzansi Magic, which produces a plethora of local shows
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