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Policewoman claims R450 000

A female lieutenant -colonel in the police has instituted a R420 000 damages claim against the minister of police and two of her colleagues after they allegedly spread false rumours that she and her husband were HIV-positive.

The officer, who works for Crime Intelligence, claimed in court papers two of her colleagues had in February 2010 informed other colleagues that she and her second husband were HIV-positive, which amounted to wrongful and defamatory rumours.

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House of abortion horror

Cops came into the flat and found a filthy room equipped for the bogus doctor to perform illegal procedures.
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Move to classify nyaope illegal

In January Sowetan discovered that nyaope, a drug of choice in many townships, was not officially classified as illegal.
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Police say HIV tests are legal

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)has cautioned the Limpopo police against forcing rape suspects to undergo HIV testing, but the police are adamant the tests are legal.
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Drawing the line between reporting & journalism

The difference between reporting and journalism: The New Age and City Press both cover an SAPS statement proposing to charge HIV positive rapists for attempted murder, but one does it better.

At we have in the past lamented that HIV is only rarely included in media reports on sexual assault. In South Africa, where HIV prevalence and rape are both dismayingly prevalent, not connecting these dots is an unforgivable oversight.

That the SAPS have made theses links unequivocally clear, and that two major publications picked up on this statement, is a welcome departure from the trend.

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Need to link police harassment & HIV among sex workers

An article on the police’s harsh treatment (and sometimes outright abuse) of sex workers doesn’t consider the implications that persecution has on this at-risk group’s access to HIV prevention and treatment.

Despite past coverage making the link between harassment of sex workers by police and HIV risk, a two-page article in this week’s DRUM does not draw these parallels.

Previous reports featured first hand accounts from sex workers operating in South Africa who allege that police have confiscated condoms and ARVs.

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DA question exposes police as liars

The Gauteng provincial police have been caught in a series of contradictions regarding their investigations into the deaths of eight gay men across Gauteng.
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Bullying cops turn condoms into crime

New research from six countries has found that stop-and-search practices by the police are making sex workers less likely to carry condoms.
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IN THE NEWS: Doctor blames cops for delay in HIV case

A doctor in Krugersdorp on the West Rand, who sued his wife for infecting him with HIV, is frustrated that the case is not making any progress.
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Sies, Sowetan for failing to address safe sex angle

The Sowetan’s borderline-pornographic coverage of police officers bonking (in their words) certainly has, as the editor predicted, got the nation talking.

But forget drawing any real attention to police negligence or failures of the system, the gratuitous material got tongues wagging about one thing more than any other - sex.

And this is not necessarily a bad thing. In the context of our HIV epidemic, it is about time we have a public and open debate about sex and particularly about risky sex.

But this is not it.

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