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Engaging Editors – Notes from a dialogue on reporting a pandemic

1 February 2007

During our three-year partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation we hosted five discussion forums, with the aim of stimulating discussion on media coverage of HIV/AIDS amongst a wide range of stakeholders – journalists, doctors, scientists, activists, academics and others.

Although we have engaged over 350 stakeholders during these discussions, only a handful of editors attended. It was clear that there was a need to engage them more directly. It also became clear that there is an increasing need for health journalists to share more with one another.

Noticing this gap, and relying on our long-standing partnership, we sought to fill it by hosting two round-table discussion forums. The first was held in February 2006 at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, with a group of 25 health reporters from national and regional print and broadcast media. The second was held for the editors in February 2007.

Download the “Engaging Editors” booklet to read more about these forums.

Publications and Presentations

  • Engaging Editors (2.65 MB) Discussion forum publication.